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Promotion Rules

  1. All premiums are calculated by Annualized Commissionable Premium unless otherwise noted.
  2. UL Premium - Maximum credit up to target.
  3. All promotions are for Writing Agents and must be contracted direct with American Group brokerage. GA and MGA contracts will require double credits to qualify unless otherwise noted.
  4. All qualifying applications must be bank draft or annual pay.
  5. Applications will only count towards one promotion unless otherwise noted.
  6. Once qualified, it is the agent's responsibility to submit a validation form. Deadline is 14 days after promotion end date.
  7. Medicare Supplement Applications - Only Mutual of Omaha companies, GPM Life, Cigna, and Aetna/American Continental/Continental Life will count as full credit unless otherwise noted.
  8. NO CREDITS for United Health Care or any Medicare Advantage Products
  9. Trip dates are subject to change based on availability.
  10. No cash outs
  11. All non-med life applications count as 1/2 credit.
  12. Money Guard cases are treated as annuity cases towards trip credit
  13. All personal or family member cases will not be annualized for trip credits unless paid annual, premium will be applied as earned for trip credits. Family members and personal cases with American National WILL NOT COUNT towards trips.
  14. Under age 65 Medicare Supplement applications will not count towards contests .