Why partner with American Group Insurance?

No Production Requirements

We maintain the lowest production requirement in the industry, zero.

Trips & Promotions

We are known throughout the industry for our sales incentive promotions. For many years we have rewarded our agents with tremendous bonus vacation destinations. The requirements to attend our sales conference are always easily attainable.

Keep Your Freedom

We are a national insurance brokerage company working only with independent agents.

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Upcoming Medicare Supplement Rate Changes

Company State Plan Rate Date
Transamerica Alaska A,F,G,N 3.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica Kansas A,F 9.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica Kansas G -3.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica Maryland A,F 9.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica Maryland G -3.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica Missouri A,F,G,N 3.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica New Jersey C,F 6.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica New Jersey G 5.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica Pennsylvania A,B,G -5.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica Pennsylvania F 6.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica Texas A,F 9.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica Texas G,N 3.00% 05/01/2018
Transamerica Utah A,F,G,N 3.00% 05/01/2018
CLI South Carolina A,B,F,HF,G,N 4.00% 05/01/2018
Equitable Texas Underage Plan A 15.00% 05/15/2018
Equitable Texas Overage Plan A 6.00% 05/15/2018
Equitable Texas F 10.40% 05/15/2018
Equitable Texas G,N 10.00% 05/15/2018