The American Group Insurance Brokerage Service Inc. was established in 1985 to offer the INDEPENDENT agent the best Life, Annuity, Health, and Medicare insurance products in our industry. We are a national insurance brokerage company working only with independent agents.

There are no production requirements.

We are known throughout the industry for our sales incentive promotions. For many years we have rewarded our agents with tremendous bonus vacation destinations.

The requirements to attend our sales conference are always easily attainable.

As we go forward into the next 32 years of strong and valued relationships with our agents, we will emphasize "The Power For Success" and our firm determination to always offer the best products, services, and support for our most valued assets: The INDEPENDENT agents located throughout the United States.

Upcoming Medicare Supplement Rate Changes

Company State Plan Rate Date
Bankers Fidelity Indiana A 6.00% 01/01/2018
Bankers Fidelity Indiana F 9.00% 01/01/2018
Bankers Fidelity Indiana G 8.00% 01/01/2018
Bankers Fidelity Indiana K 10.00% 01/01/2018
GPM Life Louisiana A,C,F,G,N 9.50% 01/01/2018
GPM Life New Hampshire A,C,F,G,N 12.00% 01/01/2018
GPM Life Minnesota Basic 9.20% 01/01/2018
GPM Life Minnesota Extended Basic 9.00% 01/01/2018
GPM Life Minnesota $20/$50 Copay 9.00% 01/01/2018
GPM Life Minnesota Part A Ded Rider 2.17% 01/01/2018
GPM Life Minnesota Part B Ded Rider 10.24% 01/01/2018
ARLIC Illinois N 4.10% 01/01/2018
ARLIC Illinois G 8.80% 01/01/2018
ARLIC Illinois A,F 9.90% 01/01/2018